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Season 2, Season Finale: Pt. 2.

The stunning finale! Candle finally goes toe-to-toe with THE G-MAN! The G-Man has always taken extraordinary measures to stop Candle, but this time he’s gone too far. G-Man has kidnapped Candle’s beloved son, Your Son, and is holding him prisoner, so that Your Son will miss his big piano recital, and Candle will lose hisContinue reading “Season 2, Season Finale: Pt. 2.”

Season 2, Season Finale: Pt. 1.

It’s Candle’s birthday! What a terrible tragedy. Candle grapples once again with his own mortality, and Badge performs a poorly-executed roast to cheer him up. Candle gives a list of past their prime monsters that are still kickin’, and Badge reveals not just one, but THREE big surprises at the end of the show. TuneContinue reading “Season 2, Season Finale: Pt. 1.”

Lamp Monroe’s Hour of Truth

In an effort to build a bridge over the choppy waters of fraternal conflict, Candle and Badge appear on Candle’s brother, Lamp’s podcast–“Lamp Monroe’s Hour of Truth.” While Candle specializes in the paranormal and extra-terrestrial, Lamp covers the normal and terrestrial. You wanna learn about thread? You wanna hear about a guy buying watermelons? IContinue reading “Lamp Monroe’s Hour of Truth”

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