Season 2, Season Finale: Pt. 2.

The stunning finale! Candle finally goes toe-to-toe with THE G-MAN! The G-Man has always taken extraordinary measures to stop Candle, but this time he’s gone too far. G-Man has kidnapped Candle’s beloved son, Your Son, and is holding him prisoner, so that Your Son will miss his big piano recital, and Candle will lose hisContinue reading “Season 2, Season Finale: Pt. 2.”

Season 2, Season Finale: Pt. 1.

It’s Candle’s birthday! What a terrible tragedy. Candle grapples once again with his own mortality, and Badge performs a poorly-executed roast to cheer him up. Candle gives a list of past their prime monsters that are still kickin’, and Badge reveals not just one, but THREE big surprises at the end of the show. TuneContinue reading “Season 2, Season Finale: Pt. 1.”

Lamp Monroe’s Hour of Truth

In an effort to build a bridge over the choppy waters of fraternal conflict, Candle and Badge appear on Candle’s brother, Lamp’s podcast–“Lamp Monroe’s Hour of Truth.” While Candle specializes in the paranormal and extra-terrestrial, Lamp covers the normal and terrestrial. You wanna learn about thread? You wanna hear about a guy buying watermelons? IContinue reading “Lamp Monroe’s Hour of Truth”

Candle Takes on the G-Man!

Candle and Badge are still reeling from the traumatic technical meltdown they suffered at Austin Sketch Fest. Candle reveals the maleficent forces behind the incident. The pair unpack what happened, and vow to use the incident as fuel to make themselves stronger. Famous horror writer Sam Friday returns with his latest work, hopefully returning toContinue reading “Candle Takes on the G-Man!”

An Episode With the STARS!

It’s a STAR-studded episode this week, as Candle and Badge welcome astrology expert Jennifer Rosario and disgraced public access host turned zero-waste advocate Dawn Starr to the show! Jennifer gives Candle and Badge a rundown on birth charts, rising signs, moon signs, and whether or not Saturn is married. Dawn offers some exciting tips onContinue reading “An Episode With the STARS!”

Badge’s Past, Present, and Future

As Candle and Badge escape Bigfoot’s camp, they’re happened upon by a mysterious vehicle. The mystery is soon un-mystified as the driver reveals himself to be Badge’s long lost brother, Jeff. What a coincidence! …or was it? Badge soon finds that his past isn’t quite what he remembers, and makes a shocking discovery about himself.Continue reading “Badge’s Past, Present, and Future”

The Bigfoot.

After leaving DiVane to return to her home in the forest, Candle and Badge set out on foot to return home. After attempting a shortcut through the woods, they stumble upon a creature the likes of which, for most men, only lives in their imagination. No spoilers, but the creature is Bigfoot. Listen as CandleContinue reading “The Bigfoot.”

Season 2 Premiere: On-site at Area 51!

Wowee Zowee! We’re back for season 2, and Candle is bigger and stronger than ever (after discovering Eugenix)! He and Badge have taken the show on the road, and their first destination is the crown jewel of UFO cover-ups, Area 51! Candle was contacted by two employee there, who agreed to reveal to him ourContinue reading “Season 2 Premiere: On-site at Area 51!”

A Very Candle Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho! It’s time for the Candle Monroe Holiday Spectacular. Celebrate with your favorite purveyors in the paranormal, as they welcome some of their favorite guests back to the show. Candle reads a Christmas poem and tells of the mysterious Christmas monster–the Krampus. Lamp Hudson returns to promote his 1987 stand-up special, “I NeverContinue reading “A Very Candle Christmas.”

The Boogeyman is No Joke.

Folks, the Boogeyman is serious business. In this episode, Candle breaks down his beef with the boogeyman. In Candle’s Corner, he shares his recent experience in the Texas wine country. Badge and Candle play some recordings they each made of local comedians Boogie Bofield and Meaty McGriddle. Finally, The Hour of Truth welcomes Damian Alucard,Continue reading “The Boogeyman is No Joke.”

Candle Monroe’s Hour of Thanks.

In the spirit of the season, Candle and Badge sit down to break bread and reflect on what they’re most thankful for. Candle also dives into what some of Earth’s most frightening creatures are thankful for this holiday season. Badge shares one of his family’s most time-honored traditions–the Legend of Gobbleman. Tune in and giveContinue reading “Candle Monroe’s Hour of Thanks.”

Candle’s Full Circle Episode.

Things come full circle as Candle’s mentor Lamp Hudson, and his niece Kaleih Monroe, both stop by for a Very Special Episode of the Hour of Truth. Lamp Hudson is a radio legend, who became a television legend, and then went back and became a radio legend again. Kaleih is a beauty and lifestyle vloggerContinue reading “Candle’s Full Circle Episode.”

News from Space! And Other Items.

A week after hearing Badge’s harrowing experience at world-famous haunted house, McKamey Manor, Candle decided to throw his hat in the ring. He shares a recording of his attempt to beat the Manor’s record. Then, Candle and Badge dive into the mailbag to answer some listener e-mails. Finally, Candle dives into some breaking news fromContinue reading “News from Space! And Other Items.”

Candle Monroe’s Hour of TERROR! Halloween Special!

Yes indeed, it’s the most spookiest time of the year, and Candle’s here to celebrate with you! In honor of this momentous holiday, Candle welcomes one of his personal heroes–master of horror, writer Samuel Friday! Samuel will be reading from his new book! Candle also showcases his talents as a story teller, spinning two terrifyingContinue reading “Candle Monroe’s Hour of TERROR! Halloween Special!”

Candle Monroe’s THREE Hours of Truth: LIVE!

A very special edition of Candle Monroe’s Hour of Truth. This one is TRIPLE-SIZED and recorded LIVE on the airwaves of ColdTowneTV. Enjoy the thrilling tales of a time traveler, the tragic romance of a woman in love with a ghost, and so much more. Candle takes you on a journey into the stars, sharesContinue reading “Candle Monroe’s THREE Hours of Truth: LIVE!”

Danny Danger Defies Death and Dismemberment, LIVE!

This is it. Danny Danger, stunt man, dare devil, and Badge’s hero, brings his bike to the canyon to do his biggest jump yet. Condor Monroe will be on site with Danny, flying high above documenting the incredible feat. You, the listener, will be with Danny every step of the way through a walkie-talkie inContinue reading “Danny Danger Defies Death and Dismemberment, LIVE!”

Ghosts Are Lucrative!

On this very special episode of Candle Monroe’s Hour of Truth, Candle, a usually reserved man, reveals his soft underbelly and shares a recent medical emergency. Badge gets to meet one of his heroes. Also, the guys welcome a merchant of rare historical items, and a realtor to the dead. (Featuring Mason Pitluck and BreannaContinue reading “Ghosts Are Lucrative!”

Episode 7. Urban Legends, Vol. 1.

Candle opens the mail bag, then dives deep into the world of Urban Legends. Badge is out, so he gets a substitute to step in for him. Also on this episode, Candle talks to a conspiracy theorist who takes a hard line vs. the South Congress bats, and finds out the secret to the enigmaticContinue reading “Episode 7. Urban Legends, Vol. 1.”

The Pyramids (In Egypt)

What’s pointy and dirty and full of mystery? The PYRAMIDS! They are all extremely pointy, and just covered in dirt. But they’re still interesting. Candle isn’t just talking pyramids in this episode, however. He’ll also visit with a real life ghost-talker (medium), who will tell of his commune with Abraham Lincoln (former US president). Also,Continue reading “The Pyramids (In Egypt)”

A Real-Life Ghost!

Another week, another journey into the unknown! On this very special episode of Candle Monroe’s Hour of Truth, Candle Monroe and Badge Wilson welcome an anti-ghost activist who has a secret of his own. Candle goes to the phones to listen to the heartbeat of you, the listener. And the gang is paid an unexpectedContinue reading “A Real-Life Ghost!”

Episode One. Introductions, Aliens, Etc.

Greetings, listeners! Candle Monroe is here to guide you down the dark and winding path of existence. Earth’s #1 purveyor in the paranormal, expert in extra-terrestrials, connoisseur of conspiracies, invites you to pull back the curtain and see the truth of the world behind the world. Alongside his trusty companion, Badge Wilson, Candle seeks toContinue reading “Episode One. Introductions, Aliens, Etc.”